Five Must-Have Bathroom Features

Five Cool, Must-Have Bathroom Features

Bathroom Remodeling at it’s Best


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Did you know that the average person spends two and a half years cooking over a lifetime? Interestingly, we also spend more than a year and a half accumulatively in the bathroom. Kitchens deservedly get lots of attention, but where’s the bathroom love? After checking out these five innovative bathroom features, you’ll be thinking about an upgrade.

1. Smart toilets

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These days we have smart everything. From our phones to our cars, everything seems to respond to voice command. So why not our toilets? Well, not exactly. Smart toilets don’t tell you the weather or what’s new on Netflix. But if you’re looking to improve your overall toilet experience, listen up. From overflow protection to self-cleaning features, many of those inconveniences that we all just thought were part of life can be reduced if not eliminated completely. Smart toilets do cost a bit more than the old-fashioned ones, but the truth is that in a world where a lot of tech advancements don’t always seem to address a specific need, smart toilets make a lot of sense.

2. Barn door

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We’re all familiar with the confusing, sliding, bathroom door that disappears into the wall—it’s called a pocket door, FYI. Sure, it’s OK, but it doesn’t exactly exude modern taste. Regular hinge doors often reduce usable space within an already small space. Solution: barn door. All the functionality of a pocket door with a hip new look. Despite its name, barn door style doesn’t have to include an antique French barn door that weighs 500 pounds. You can get as fancy or down to earth as you like. Either way, you get a classy look that’s practical.

3. Free-standing bathtubs

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A lot of homes don’t have palatial square footage in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a royal look. Free-standing bathtubs are absolutely coming back, and the great thing is that they actually have a smaller footprint than built-in tubs. Couple a beautiful, classic free-standing tub with a discrete walk-in shower, and you’ve got a winning combination.

4. Under-floor heating

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Did you know that the Romans invented under-floor heating? Isn’t it about time that you get in on this 2,000-year-old technology? Seriously though, heated bathroom floors is rapidly becoming a popular option. The idea is simple: When you’re in and out of the shower or standing at the sink barefoot, a toasty tile or stone floor feels downright amazing. There are two main types of heated floors: hydronic and electric. Hydronic, as the name implies, uses hot water pumped through tubes under the floor to heat the flooring. Electric uses a grid of wire panel, which can then be controlled by a thermostat.

5. Smart mirrors

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This last one is not going to be for everyone, but it’s hard not to be impressed by Kohler’s new Konnect system, which includes a mirror embedded with Amazon Alexa software. If you’re the type who’s checking the weather and news on your phone while brushing your teeth anyway, this might actually be an industry you’re going to want to track. While it might sound a little too Blade Runner on the surface, this is essentially like having a waterproof Amazon Echo in the bathroom. Is that really all that scary?

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