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Any construction project begins with a need: for more space, for improved business potential, for better functionality or for custom use.

Before involving boards and paint, bricks and mortar, nails and screws, you have to have a solid plan. That plan for residential or commercial construction however, is useless if it is not carried out by knowledgeable professionals who can ensure that each step of the process is brought to life with safety, quality, and precision. Dannex Construction a reliable name in custom home building understands that your new home construction project depends on our experienced professionals for the best results as you put your need in our hands.

Once you’ve identified your need and have a project in mind, we can help direct you through the planning stages of your project. Securing architectural drawings and preliminary steps with permitting, zoning, and local codes can be daunting for the inexperienced, but our team knows exactly how to navigate the preparation stages to save you time and money. We can also point out ways to avoid construction delays or unnecessary expense once the project launches with our watchful eye as the plan comes together.

Whether you are building a single family home, 3-story new construction, garage, home addition, sun- room, or outdoor is messy. But there’s no need for you to get your hands dirty. Our professional team is prepared with training, experience, certification and good know-how to take care of your project for you from start to finish. We can even “build it green” and approach your project with creative Earth-friendly solutions to preserve the environment and leave a smaller impact. You can rest assured that your plan will be transformed into reality by craftsmen who are looking out for your satisfaction and a job done right. No cutting corners or shortcuts with Dannex Construction in the long run, you’ll find the quality of our construction proves itself, and we’ll prove to you that putting your construction in our hands isn’t messy: it’s a breeze.

Dannex Construction is a full class A general contracting business serving in Arlington VA, Spotsylvania VA, Fredericksburg VA, Fairfax VA, Stafford VA and other northern Virginia areas. We specialize in new homes (one to two family dwellings and up to 3 story buildings), sun-rooms, garages, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling and other additions. We are skilled in siding, insulation, framing, painting, and drywall. Our final projects are cost-friendly. It is our goal to fully satisfy customers by creating a durable building that will last.

"Dannex recently completed a 950 sq. ft addition (and a basement) for my house. They were receptive in all of our feedback and made sure that we were happy throughout the process. I love our new addition!"

Megan R.

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